Tempomat´s rubber straps give a unique and alternative look to the traditional steel bracelet, enabling customers express their identity and personality through his wrist.

22mm Blue Camo Rubber Strap 22mm Digital Camo Rubber Strap 22mm Grey Camo Rubber Strap 22mm Dark Green Camo Rubber Strap 22mm Green Olive Rubber Strap

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22mm Straps

The best alternative to give a sporty and elegant look to your watch.

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Our clients say:


The Red Camo was super bold and the gold seemed too refined for it. Then, we threw it on and just said “F*ck It”. Not gonna lie, the contrast makes it stand out something insane and think it’s starting to grow on us. 


Ok this strap matches this watch! The Emergency got something to do with camouflage πŸ’š in my opinion.


😎 Cool camo strap from @tempo_matπŸ‘ŒπŸ’¦